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About Us


The Alberta Diabetes Foundation funds innovative research for the prevention and treatment of all forms of diabetes.

We are aligned with the Alberta Diabetes Institute in Edmonton, one of the world’s finest diabetes research facilities, and progress is being made.

Funding is disbursed when and where it’s needed most, moving projects along that may otherwise be stalled, facilitating measurable results.

2015 Degner Matching Fund

On September 25, 2015 at our annual Hummingbird Gala, the Degner family made a momentous announcement.

The Degners announced that they will match donations to the Alberta Diabetes Foundation up to $300,000 for 2015.

Add your contribution to the 2015 Degner Matching Fund today.


The "Dimmer Switch" Breakthrough

Marlene Leung,

Researchers from the University of Alberta say they have identified a new molecular pathway that manages the amount of insulin produced by the body, and they're touting the discovery as a potential "game changer" in the field of diabetes research.

The new pathway was found after researchers examined pancreatic cells from 99 human organ donors.

They found that the pathway acts as a sort of "dimmer" switch, essentially adjusting how much insulin is secreted when blood sugar increases. A study detailing their discovery was published Monday in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

This "dimmer" switch appears to be lost in patients with Type 2 diabetes, Prof. Patrick MacDonald said in a statement. However, it can be "turned back on," essentially restoring proper control of insulin secretion from pancreatic cells in diabetes patients.

MacDonald said the discovery could lead to a new way of treating the disease in the future.

"Understanding the islet cells in the pancreas that make insulin, how they work – and how they can fail – could lead to new ways to treat the disease, delaying or even preventing diabetes," he said.

He added while restoring the "dimmer switch" in the islet cells of the pancreas may have been proven on a molecular level, finding a way to translate this into clinical practice could take decades.

Donor Profiles

Waiward Steel takes pride in supporting medical research and healthcare initiatives which address the well-being of children, seniors, and those in need.

The owners and partners, Ted Degner and Don Oborowsky, have been involved with numerous community initiatives, but their primary cause is the Alberta Diabetes Foundation, which they have spearheaded since its initiation.


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Down for Diabetes

Sign up to fund raise $1,000 to reserve your spot for this epic weekend adventure. Includes two glorious days of skiing the Olympic hills in Kananaskis country, travel to Nakiska from Edmonton or Calgary and an intimate concert experience. Benefitting diabetic children’s ski camp with Riding on Insulin.